Top 5 Most Dangerous Holiday Pet Hazards

Dangerous Holiday Pet Hazards

Keep the holidays festive with these tips for avoiding seasonal pet emergencies.

1) Keep holiday decorations out of reach:  Glass or metal ornaments, ribbons, tinsel and artificial snow are dangerous if ingested.

2) Beware of cold weather hazards:  Keep pets away from antifreeze – just one lick is enough to kill. Also, wipe your pet’s paws and tummy after walks to remove salt.

3) Keep table scraps on the table:  Fatty foods can cause stomach problems, while bones can cause obstructions or choking.

4) ID your pet:  The flow of holiday guests provides an open door for escape.  Be sure your pet is microchipped and has current ID tags.

5) Place holiday plants high off the ground:   Holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, lilies and Christmas tree water can all be toxic if ingested.