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For the times that your pet is feeling under the weather, you can rely on the compassionate veterinary staff of Southwest Animal Clinic to be there for you and your pet. Our onsite diagnostic services enable us to get a closer look at your pet’s health so that we can quickly diagnose your pet, getting them treatment faster. Being able to get results faster can make a huge difference when treating your pet for injury or illness because it limits the impact on their overall health.

Our diagnostic services aren’t just limited to sick or injured pets. Our Bellaire veterinary team will use our in-house laboratory and other diagnostic testing when you bring your pet in for their regular wellness exams. We’ll build a full picture of your pet’s health so that if or when your pet experiences illness or injury, we’re better able to see where the changes lie versus your pet’s normal standard of health.

Laboratory testing and radiological imaging can save your pet’s life. Call (713) 903-8818 or contact us online for more information.

Onsite Diagnostic Services at Southwest Animal Clinic

We make extensive use of our in-house laboratory and radiological imaging to get fast diagnoses for your pets. Laboratory testing allows us to test your pet’s internal systems by examining blood, urine, and feces, among other biological samples. Radiology gives us an actual picture of these systems so that we can visualize deviations from your pet’s baseline health. By using both laboratory testing and radiological imaging together with physical exams, our Bellaire veterinary team will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s ailments, enabling us to get your pet back on the road to good health more quickly.

Laboratory testing at Southwest Animal Clinic includes:

  • Blood work – Tests such as complete blood count (CBC) and other blood tests can tell us about the appearance and function of your pet’s blood cells, which is an important part of diagnosing and monitoring disease
  • Fecal checks – If we ask you to bring in a sample of your pet’s feces, we’ll use a small sample to diagnose certain types of parasites, such as giardia, roundworms, or tapeworms
  • Urinalysis – Your pet’s urine can tell us a lot about their urinary system function as well as levels of proteins or glucose that could indicate disease or defects in their urinary system

The above tests are just a small fraction of our in-house capabilities in our laboratory. Your pet’s blood, feces, and urine can tell us a lot about your pet’s overall health that a basic physical exam might not be able to show us.

Our Bellaire veterinary team may order these tests regardless of how your pet is feeling. Healthy pets should also get laboratory testing in conjunction with their regular wellness exams so that we can establish a strong medical history and a baseline of health for your pet. That way, if your pet falls ill or experiences an injury, we’ll be able to compare current lab work with your pet’s history, enabling us to pinpoint changes and get your pet treated faster.

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