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Immunizations & Wellness Care in Bellaire

Protecting Your Pet & the Community

Southwest Animal Clinic has been protecting the health of pets and families in the Bellaire community since 1952. One of the key ways to protect the health of the pets in our community is regular healthcare and keeping up with immunizations. The ASPCA asserts that vaccinations are essential to protecting your pet’s health and wellbeing throughout their lives, and we believe the same. When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam, we’ll consider your pet’s medical history and risk factors before we recommend which immunizations would be best for your pet’s health.

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Vaccinations for Better Health

As part of our focus on preventative care, we believe that your pets should stay up to date with their immunization schedule. Vaccinations can protect your pet from contracting disease or mitigate the impact of a disease. Not only that, but vaccinations also protect other pets and families in the community. If your pet can’t contract a disease, that means they can’t pass on the disease either.

We take many factors into consideration when we design the preventative healthcare plan for your pet and always have your pet’s best interests in mind when we make our recommendations. Vaccinations will almost always be part of your pet’s wellness plan, though not every pet needs every vaccine.

There are, however, vaccines considered universally necessary for dogs and cats. These recommended vaccines are recommended based on factors like exposure risk, the severity of the disease, and if the disease can spread to humans.

Our Bellaire veterinary team will recommend the most appropriate vaccines for your pet.

Vaccinations & Safety

Vaccinations are safe for your pet. All vaccines, for pets and humans, undergo rigorous testing before being allowed for general use. Diseases which still exist, like rabies or distemper, are now much less prevalent because of regular immunization. With more pets protected against these diseases, the less the disease is able to spread. When you vaccinate your pet, you’re not only protecting your pet and your family, but all of the pets and families of the Bellaire community.

Reactions to vaccinations may occur, but it is fairly uncommon. Your pet may experience soreness or swelling, or possibly a fever. If you are concerned about your pet’s reaction to a vaccination, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your pet’s health and happiness is our top priority.

Do you have questions about how immunizations can help your pet’s overall health? Call (713) 903-8818 to speak with one of our Bellaire veterinarians for more information.

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